Affordable Bathtub Refinishing Orlando

BathPro of Central Florida provides an affordable & convenient way to revive your outdated kitchen and bathroom. Our professional bathtub refinishing Orlando services restore your bathroom & kitchen to pristine condition again and greatly enhance the look, feel and sanitary conditions. We currently provide our tub refinishing Orlando service in Apopka, Florida and service the entire Central Florida region including Apopka, Winter Park, Lake Mary, Oviedo, Lakeland, Kissimmee,  and more..



Often people choose to purchase new tubs, fixtures, etc.. when there is no actual need. Yes, you might look at your bath tub and believe it may need to be replaced due to a dirty stained look or a belief that it is now unhygienic, but most often you can resurface your tub and save money. By hiring our bathtub resurfacing Orlando team, you not only restore it to its original beauty, but also sanitize it in the process making it like new. The stains that accumulate in your bath tub over time are almost impossible, or very hard to remove. However, before you think about purchasing and installing a new and expensive bath tub, you should consider another way to make your old bath tub look brand new. This method is through bath tub refinishing and BathPro of Central Florida has been providing this service since 1984. Don’t wait get started on your tub refinishing Orlando today!