7 Rustic Bathroom Inspired Designs

Being Florida residents it is difficult to avoid clichés like beach bum, surfer, Disney enthusiasts, (as though every Florida Home has pictures of Mickey Mouse hanging), sometimes the Sunshine State, “easy living,” leaks into home designs and décor.

There are many ways of designing and incorporating different themes into a household no matter where you live. Before hanging up beach inspired bathroom decorations, check out these inspired rustic themed bathrooms. Watch out though, one may abandon all ideas of beach life and pack up for life in the mountains.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #1:

rustic bathroom ideas and designs

The natural wood trimmed fireplace, the antique varnished tub, make this bathroom appeal to anyone ready to relax after a long, hard day at work. Of course, if living in Florida, the fireplace doesn’t have to include a real fire, instead place a variety of different sized candles to be lit before stepping into the bubble bath.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #2:

contemporary and rustic bathroom design

The design of bathroom #2 is sleek, and modern. What places it in the Rustic themed bathroom category are the wooded framed mirrors, the wicker basket accessories, and the apothecary hand soap bottles. This is ideal for those who don’t want to fully commit to a “log cabin” type of rest room.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #3:

log cabin rustic bathroom design

This is a log cabin bathroom, there are ways to add wood to walls even when living in Florida, but it wouldn’t be the “log” shown in this image. Local home stores carry items like the yellow wood paneling that can be stained to the homeowner’s preference.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #4:

modern and rustic bathroom design

Bringing in natural elements into the bath area will instantly give it a rustic vibe. These stonewalls are not only interesting, but they create a great texture story in the room. Other accessories like the antique washbasins and wood trimmed mirror only add to its charm. In this case, the brilliant white is a perfect contrasting color to the natural elements in the room.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #5:

rustic bathroom ideas and design

Use the entire walspace for the vanity and a great piece of refinished furniture that adds style and storage to the bathroom.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #6:

rustic bathroom ideas and design

Again, adding outside elements to the inside of a room immediately warms it up. Achieve this look in the bathroom using recycle or reclaimed wood on one wall, use flea market items and re-purpose them into planters.

Rustic Bathroom Idea #7:

rustic bathroom ideas and design

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An inlaid vanity is an excellent idea. It’s unique design adds intrigue to the overall design. The bonus is that it hides toiletry items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, etc. from view. The three clocks are a nice and eclectic touch.


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