Bathroom Update Ideas for Low Budgets

Starting a project like a bathroom makeover is both exciting and overwhelming. Even though bathrooms are small compact spaces, there’s many decisions that go into giving it a makeover.

The first and most important decision is whether you are merely wanting to give the bathroom a facelift, so to speak, or plan to remodel it.

What is the difference between the two? Well, if you are on a tight budget than you want to only make cosmetic changes and not replace any major fixtures. To plan a bathroom remodel means gutting and replacing plumbing, replacing vanity, toilet, changing out tile, and more. Your decision must be based on the budget.

If you do not have at $5000.00 to spend on the project, do not worry. Nowadays, there are many creative ideas and DIY projects that enhance a bathroom without spending a fortune.

As an example, use a window box to house and store towels directly above the wasted space above the toilet.

The next step is determining the color scheme or theme for your bathroom. It’s always a good idea to bring color samples home and try them out before buying a gallon of paint. Some personalities shy away from bright colors; however, the bathroom is a small enough area that bright colors work well in it. It’s not over dramatic it just punches it up a bit.

Damaged tile, or a worn tub, can prove to be the most difficult part of fixing the bathroom up. The initial reaction is that you need to rip it out. In some cases, it’s what needs to be done because of mold and mildew growth. Before committing to all brand new tile and tub, you could save on your budget and research other options.

The most affordable option that you’ll come across is bathtub reglazing. This process is where a technician comes to the home, properly prepares the tile and tub, and then sprays a new surface. It is important you find an experienced bathtub refinishing Orlando Company because an inexperienced company could result in a poor quality finish.

Once the state of the tub and tile are decided on the next step is finding the right lighting. Lighting should not be an afterthought to the bathroom redesign. Find lights to go on either side of the mirror, and an overhead light.

You can get what you want out of your bathroom on a low budget with proper planning and a little creativity.


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