Cabinet Refinishing a Low Cost Solution for Homeowners

cabinet refinishing a low cost solution for homeowners

Kitchen cabinets experience an exceptional amount of use over the years. It’s easy to walk into the kitchen and after years of seeing the same ol’ cabinets, think, “I need new cabinets.” Do you really need all new cabinets? You don’t actually need brand new ones. You can save money if you refinish them instead.

What is cabinet refinishing? Kitchen cabinets that are still in good condition are only in need of a makeover. The kitchen needs a cosmetic lift, and that can be done much cheaper with refinishing over buying brand new. When you decide to refinish, you should know the color options are unlimited.

Usually when a person thinks of the word, “refinishing” they think of fixing wood floors or updating antique furniture. That’s not necessarily the case with kitchen cabinet refinishing. You don’t only have the choice to sand and re-stain the doors, in fact, you can choose to paint them in any color.

As an example let’s say your cabinet’s original color is dark cherry, and they’ve been placed in an area of the home with little-to-no natural lighting. Dark cherry cabinets and poor lighting make the kitchen feel dark and dingy. The most cost effective option to fix that problem is to refinish the cabinets to a lighter color.

Why hire a professional to refinish? Primarily, professionals finish is much higher quality than the finish of a “DIY” kit. That’s not to say homeowner’s can’t try it; however, lacquer top finishes sealing in the paint dries quick. If not applied properly leaves a poor result, which is why it’s recommended to leave it up to the pros. The pros are trained, have experience, access to top of the line product, and  use commercial grade equipment.

Deciding to refinish the kitchen cabinets is a cheaper solution for homeowners. When done professionally the finish is durable and lasts. When you change the appearance of the cabinets, it could make the other areas of the room look outdated. Future kitchen updates might include replacing the hardware and kitchen faucet as well.

Kitchens are more than a place to cook and family’s to eat in, it’s also the room with the potential to “make or break” a sale. If you are a homeowner who wants to sell, take a look at your kitchen. If you find it lacking and out of style, consider refinishing it. It costs less and modernizes the kitchen without replacing anything.


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