Can Bathtub Refinishing Breathe New Life Into Your Bathroom for Spring?

Spring is typically a time when homeowners take a critical look around their homes and search for answers to those problems that have been vexing them for far too long. One of the most common places for them to turn their attention to is their bathroom. As the room that probably gets the most “foot” traffic, your bathroom often takes a beating, showing its age much more quickly than other areas of the home.

Bathtub Issues Abound

As arguably the largest item in your bathroom, your bathtub instantly draws attention to itself the minute you — and your guests — enter the room. If you are like many people, you have been inadvertently damaging the finish on your tub without even realizing it. This, in turn, makes your tub look dull, outdated and dingy.

Are You Guilty of These Bathtub Mistakes?

Do you rinse out your tub after it has been used? If the answer is no, there is probably a residue clinging to the surface of your tub. What makes up this residue? Soap scum, skin cells, hair and minute pieces of lint are just a few possibilities. By taking a few minutes to rinse your tub once you are finished using it, you can reduce the deterioration of grout and prevent this unattractive residue from building up.

Do you use the shelves in your tub to store your bath products? No matter how convenient it is to do so, leaving your bath products perched on a shelf doesn’t allow the water underneath them to drain away completely. This can increase the chances of damage to the surface of your tub. A better solution is to invest in a rack made for this purpose as it allows water to drain away.

Do you clean your tub on a regular basis? As part of the process of cleaning your bathroom, do you also tackle the cleaning of your bathtub? If you are like many people, the answer is no. While this thought process is understandable — after all, your bathtub gets much less use than other surfaces in your bathroom — it can lead to a build-up of residue that can damage the surface of your tub.

Are you using the wrong kind of cleansers on your tub? While regularly cleaning your tub is important to remove the grime that can leave damaging residue, it is also vital to choose a cleanser with care. Those with harsh, stringent and/or abrasive ingredients might even be more harmful than the residue they are supposed to be removing. This is because they can scratch, mar and damage the surface of your tub.

Your Choices for Improving the Look of Your Bathroom

So, you realize that you’ve actually been damaging your bathtub all this time. You notice how dull, dingy and unsightly your tub is, but you aren’t sure what your choices are for fixing the problem.

Replacement: This solution might seem like the ideal one to choose — especially if you are already having the bathroom remodeled. After all, how much more complicated can replacing the tub be? Turns out that it’s not only complicated, it’s also expensive. Between the costs for the new tub, parts and plumber’s fee, the installation of a new tub will likely cost you between $750 and $1,000. As if that’s not bad enough, you’ll be without the use of your tub for about four to five days during this process.

Refinishing: This solution provides a much more cost-effective and user-friendly experience for your household. For a cost of about $300 for each tub that is refinished, you’ll only be inconvenienced for about 24 hours before being able to enjoy a pristine and beautiful new tub.

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High-Quality Bathtub Refinishing Process

The quality of the bathtub refinishing is only as good as the process itself.

The first step is to completely etch the surface to ensure an effective adhesion. Once that is washed off, the tub is sanded and cleaned.

The second step involves using a primer of superior quality that allows for the effective chemical bonding process. This step — when properly completed — ensures the longevity of the beauty to your tub.

Adding a gorgeous top coat does more than simply make your tub look glossy, clean and beautiful. This two-coat process makes the tub easier for you to clean and maintain. It also resists mold and mildew.

Taking Care of Your Newly Refinished Bathtub

Once your bathtub has been refinished, you’re going to want to protect your investment. Although your refinished tub is designed to give you years of beautiful service, you can increase its good looks and durability by following a few easy tips.

Although you’ll understandably be excited to use your beautiful newly refinished tub, for best results allow 48 hours for the materials to fully cure.

Get into the habit of rinsing your tub after each use. Doing so will help prevent a buildup of that harmful residue that can quickly compromise the way a tub looks.

Clean your tub on a regular basis with a cleanser that is nonabrasive and free of harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the finish. If you aren’t sure which cleansers are safe to use, contact Bath Pro for its expert recommendations.

Don’t use nonstick mats or anything with suction cups in your tub. Doing so could damage the surface. If their use is necessary, simply remove them after your shower and before you rinse your tub.

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