How do I find the right bathtub refinisher for my home?

The bathroom is often one of the first rooms to start to look its age. It’s no wonder that this happens, because the bathroom not only sees heavy traffic nearly all day and night, much of the attention it does receive is sustained. In fact, no room in your home experiences such a large amount of use, especially in the morning, when family members are rushing to get showered, made up and dressed to go about their routines for the day.

Time Is Not Kind to Your Bathroom

Over time, you might notice that your bathroom is starting to look worn out and tired. One place in the bathroom in particular that shows its age is the bathtub. When you consider how many times your bathtub is used each day — not only as a place where members of your family bathe, but also where you wash your pets, and even as a staging area for deep-cleaning tasks such as mopping — it’s no surprise that the tub can start to look dingy and grimy. No matter how many times you clean it, your bathtub simply doesn’t bounce back and regain that shiny and clean look.

Is Refinishing Your Bathtub the Answer?

Your first thought might be that you need to start saving up money to get your bathtub replaced. If you were already considering a bathroom remodel, then you are probably mentally adding the additional cost of a new bathtub into your already-ballooning remodeling budget. Replacing your bathtub isn’t the only solution when you are faced with this issue, though. Refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it offers numerous advantages while still giving you the same gorgeous results. Compared to replacing your bathtub, refinishing it can:

  • Save a great deal of money. In fact, refinishing could save you hundreds of dollars when compared to the cost of a new bathtub — as well as the labor and other materials involved in installation.
  • Save lots of time. Compared to the process of removing the old tub and installing a new one, refinishing your current tub can take as little as two hours. After the refinishing process is complete, you can use your tub within 24 hours.
  • Provide a warranty. High-quality bathtub refinishing companies back up their work by providing their customers with warranties. The best ones in the business offer a five-year warranty that covers both product issues and technical problems.
  • Give long-lasting results. Compared to a new tub, you can expect a refinished tub to last as long as — if not longer than — a new tub; a refinished tub is easier to clean and maintain than an old one. Properly cleaned, a refinished tub can provide years of good looks.
  • Choose your colors. Today’s bathtub refinishing applications allow you to choose virtually any color of bathtub you want. The ability to customize your bathtub is a valuable asset since the flexibility doesn’t lock you into only a few choices.

You’ve Decided to Refinish Your Bathtub — Now What?

You know that you want to get your bathtub refinished, but you aren’t sure about the next steps, specifically, as to how to find a bathtub refinishing company that provides both top-notch service and the results you want. Keep the following tips in mind when you are searching for a company that refinishes bathtubs.

  • Check their experience. This is probably the biggest indicator of a good bathtub refinishing company. The process of refinishing a bathtub is an intricate one that involves a vast amount of preparation and the right materials. In addition, it requires a technique that can only be obtained with a great deal of experience. Do a bit of Internet searching to see if any reviews pop up about a particular company that you have in mind. Contact the Better Business Bureau and inquire about any negative interactions the company might have had. You can also contact the company itself and ask for references from customers in your area.
  • What about materials? While the bathtub refinishing company’s technique and experience are extremely important in ensuring high-quality results, if the right materials aren’t used, then you won’t get a good product. While you might not be able to tell if a company uses high-quality materials until you use their services, ask about their warranty. A bathtub refinishing company that uses the best materials feels confident about standing behind them. In fact, with the right kind of care, you can expect your refinished bathtub to last 10 years or longer.
  • Preparing your bathroom. The right bathtub refinishing company takes its time to do the job right the first time, which includes making the proper preparations to your bathroom before they begin the actual refinishing process. Protecting the walls near the bathtub — as well as the floor — can make a big difference in whether or not they get overspray on surfaces that shouldn’t have any. In addition, your bathroom should be well-ventilated to ensure that any odors do not become a problem for any of your family members or pets.
  • Get a warranty — in writing. Of course, you want to believe what a business tells you as far as the warranty they offer. Unfortunately, too many renege on their verbal agreements, so make sure to always get any warranty information in writing.

Bathtub refinishing can give your bathroom a fresh, new look. With just a few hours of time and a reasonable cost, a reputable bathtub refinishing company can turn your stained, chipped and discolored bathtub into one that is both beautiful and highly functional. BathPro is a highly experienced company that has been providing exceptional service and quality refinishing to homeowners just like you for years. Contact them today for a quote or to discuss how they can help your home sparkle and shine.