Is tub refinishing the best choice to save money?

Saving money is on the minds of many homeowners, especially when it comes to areas of the home where a remodeling job could quickly get out of hand. For example, a bathroom can become expensive when fixtures are being replaced. Many people remove the bathtub and replace it, along with the toilet and vanity, and they also put down new flooring, have the space painted, and replace the faucet and light fixture. It’s like an entirely new room, but the costs can really add up. If you don’t need all of that and just really want to refresh the look of your bathtub, then refinishing can be an excellent alternative to save you money.

How much does refinishing cost?

When it comes to tub refinishing, Orlando has companies to choose from. That’s great news, because it gives you options. You can shop around and look for a company that offers you a price you like. Just remember that the lowest price from a company doesn’t always mean that you’re getting a good deal. What you want is value. For example, many companies that refinish tubs don’t bother with acid etching, but it’s a very important part of the process. It helps ensure that you get a very good finish that’s going to be durable and last a long time.

When you choose a company that gives you quality and value, you’ll be even further ahead financially by deciding to have your tub refinished instead of replacing it. As for the actual cost differences, they can be significant. It’s possible to spend around 70 to 80 percent less on refinishing when compared to replacement, so you can use that money for other home improvement projects. The typical refinishing job on a bathtub will cost around $300, where you could easily spend more than $1,000 to replace the tub. There is also the time it takes, as refinishing is typically much faster.

What are the other benefits?

If you want to get tile and grout cleaning, Orlando can offer you some options, but it’s generally easier to have it done while you’re getting your tub refinished. That way, you get everything completed at once, which can take less time and even save you money. That combination approach is a benefit that goes beyond just the cost to refinish the tub. Another benefit is that you’ll get the use of your tub back in around 24 hours, instead of the days it would take to have the old tub removed and the new one put in. Tiling around it and other changes that may need to made can add up, but when you have it refinished, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

For people who have only one bathroom in their house, getting the tub back into working order in 24 hours can be especially important. Even if you have another bathroom to use, though, people have their own spaces and routines that they would rather not give up. One day without the tub they’re used to isn’t generally a problem, but several days may make them uncomfortable and can be inconvenient for other people in the household. If you don’t want to have to worry about any of that and you’re looking for all the benefits of a great-looking tub that’s as good as new, refinishing is the right choice.

Should you refinish your own tub?

There are do-it-yourself kits that can be purchased by people to refinish their tubs. You may have seen these kits in home improvement stores and thought about tackling the job to save money. Unfortunately, these kits are not going to give you the results you would like. They aren’t designed to provide the quality that professional refinishers offer, so you could end up with a tub that really doesn’t look or feel the best. That’s not only frustrating, but it’s also a waste of money that you can avoid by letting the professionals handle the refinishing job for you.

Another thing you’ll get when you have a company refinish your bathtub is a warranty. Often these warranties go on for as long as five years, which can help you feel good about the quality and value you received, and the protection you’ll get if anything does go wrong with the finish on your tub. With proper refinishing done by a qualified company, you can get a finish that will last longer than the tub’s original finish. That can be extremely important, especially in larger families, where the tub sees a lot of use.

What else do you need to consider?

Value, warranty, cost, down time, and other factors all matter, but you also want to consider the way the tub will look. It needs to fit with the rest of your bathroom or stand out and make a statement. The choice is up to you, and with all the colors from which you can choose, your newly refinished tub can be made to match your existing toilet and sink or finished in a color that is different from what you would typically see. Having that option is a great way to get your bathroom just the way you want it, whether it’s a brand-new house or one where you’ve lived for a long time.

You don’t have to settle for an older bathtub with which you’re just not happy or one that’s showing signs of use and wear, along with chips or cracks in the finish. When you want bathtub refinishing, Orlando has companies you can choose from, but you want the company you can trust. By choosing the right professionals, you’ll have peace of mind and will get a good quality refinish on your tub, so you can love your bathroom again and be happy with the way it looks and the value you received. Call Bath Pro today to get a quote, and get started on your refinishing project. Your bathtub will look like new again.