Multi-Colored Tiles in your Bathroom: Is it a Do or Don’t?

When it comes to fashion, the car you drive, or how you decorate the rooms in your home, it all comes down to style preference and budget. Today, let’s explore the idea of creating a bathroom filled with bright and cheerful colored tile. Believe it or not, there are a few instances where multi-colored tile in the bathroom is a big ‘DO’ in the style department. Let’s look at a few instances where this type of design is both eclectic and inspiring.

Do pattern one wall in the shower:

multi-colored tile bathroom decor

Don’t overdo it by adding color onto the bathroom floor tile. The tiled shower is enough to give the room personality and unique style. If you happen to have colored floor tiles already, and you are unhappy with it, avoid spending extra costs tearing it out and replacing it. Our trained technicians can refinish it into one color that you love.

Do use small glass tiles around the tub to create a spa-like vibe.

mosaic glass tiles around tub

Don’t forget that there is the option of buying recycled glass tiles to create mosaics that are eco-friendly. If you decide to use multi-colored glass tiles in the tub area, as well as, a tile bathtub surround pick a nice neutral tone that doesn’t clash with the glass tiles as they did here.

Do incorporate fun into a kid’s bathroom, like this Rubik’s Cube Bathroom Design

rubik's cube bathroom decor

Don’t do this type of bathroom theme if you want to resell the house. Decorating in a unique theme is fun for you but it can be a “put off” for others who would have decorated differently. Again, before ripping up or tearing out tile in your bathroom, call us at Bath Pro because we can resurface tiles into any color of your choice at affordable costs.

Do find your inner-artist and create a fun colored tile art piece that can be displayed in the bathroom versus installing the tile directly.

multi colored bathroom tiles

Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors, different patterned tiles, and different sizes. This wall art is interesting and modern.

Bathroom décor does not have to be boring. There are ways to incorporate fun colors through tile patterns. However, if you have purchased a home or are in a home with tiles in the bathroom that are a shade you can’t stand; tile refinishing is a cheap and easy fix.


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