Re-decorating you bathroom can be an easy job

The time comes to us all when we are faced with the decision of choosing to rescue the old bath tub and also look into salvaging the faithful bathroom wash hand basin. The thing that you need to keep in mind is that choosing to refinish your old tub and bathroom fixtures can cost you significantly less than it would to go all out and have them all replaced with brand new items.

Every single person is unique in terms of what they like in terms of design, colour and so on. There are countless ideas and colour schemes available today to choose from when it comes to any kind of decor in the home never mind the bathroom. There are those among us that like to keep things simple and stay away from the new high tech futuristic bathroom ideas and designs that are available and stick with traditional designs and colour schemes. Whatever your style and whatever your ideas there is one thing that everyone has in common it will ultimately involve you spending the cash that you have struggled hard to save.

The thing with design and colours are that they all have a time when they are current and in style, and just as fast as they were in fashion they slip back out. Remember that if you are looking to give your full bathroom a makeover and that includes assessing the condition of vanity drawers and shelves and so on then you need to wait and look at what “can” be done and not focus on what “needs” done. For instance your old bathroom fixtures drawers and cabinets may not need ripped out form the walls and floors, instead they too could just need a little attention in order to get them looking fresh and current once again.  All you need to do is pick your colour scheme and get ready to start cleaning.

Initially you need to remove all drawers and loose fixtures it’s also good to remove any mirrors and also fitted toothbrush and toilet roll holders, strip the room back to the bare essentials, so that you are left with just the shell of what used to be there. What you are looking for is more space to get your work done easily without tripping over misplaced items. Ideally you should look at starting to clean the walls and tiled areas first. Simple cleaning of scrubbing the walls does wonders in adding some life back into the room it also gives you a clean dirt free canvas to start planning your next colour scheme and leaves plenty of space for new design ideas. This is easy all you need is your rubber gloves and some decent tile and wall or bathroom cleaner, be sure to check the label to ensure that there are no corrosive ingredients in the cleaning solution, i said let’s get this room bare not chemically burn your way through the walls to your neighbour’s house.

Once you have sufficiently cleaned the walls in your bathroom you can then start to scrub around the bath area including all those difficult corners, nooks and crannies. You should always be using a cleaning solution that can clean adequately and will not damage any of the areas that it has been used on. There are countless stories of people using too strong of a brand of cleaning solution only to come back a few hours later and find that paint has started bubbling and peeling off the walls and also  using too strong a cleaner can discolour tiles and also damage the filling between tile joints.


Once all the walled and tiled areas have been cleaned and that includes the bathroom sink and toilet, then it’s time to focus on cleaning the floored area. The reason that you clean the floored area last is pretty simple, you don’t want to be doubling your work as you can guarantee that the floor will be dirty and wet once the wall cleaning is finished. Before you look at cleaning the floor in your bathroom you need to first access the condition of the current floor. If the floor you have is tiled or wooden it’s a good idea to look for cracks and chips in tiles and also splits in the wood, in some cases the floor condition may not be salvageable and may need replacing. The good thing about tile is that most homeowners usually have a few spare tiles kicking around in the garage from the initial job; these surplus tiles are handy when it comes to replacing older damaged or discoloured ones. In any case you would not be looking to have the floor done before the walls have been re-decorated or the tiles reconditioned or replaced.

Another important area that needs your attention is the old faithful bathtub and shower fitting. The bathtub and shower are probably one of the most used amenities in your home they are like the cooker and washing machine in your home they are basically used every single day. Therefore they can throughout the years start to show signs of wear and tear.  There is an important decision to make when it comes to sorting out your bathtub, in fact you really only have one of two choices to make. The first decision that you have to make is the cost of replacing your bathtub with a brand new one. In all honesty buying a new tub does not have to be expensive but this really depends on the size of the tub you are looking to buy and also the colour, size and style of it. What you need to consider when buying a new tub is all the extra costs that could be involved in the whole refitting service.

Replacing a tub is not as easy as one would first comprehend there is a lot of work involved and the process can take a good few weeks before you can even think about using your bathroom again never mind having a bath. When your bathtub was first fitted it would have needed to have been measured in order for it to fit correctly in the bathroom and also sit correctly and even and in line with the walls. Now let’s say that the tub you are looking to replace is more than 15 years old, the problem there is that this type and size of bath may no longer be in production, as sizes change so much throughout the years with new designs and safety requirements’ etc. So you could now be looking at resizing your bathroom and that means taking down walls and putting new ones up, this will involve you contacting contractors and will involve you paying a decent amount of cash. You may also need the flooring ripped up in your bathroom and also around your home for new piping to be fitted; this is often the case if the home is old and is in need of new piping due to a damaged or outdated plumbing system in place. What seemed like an easy job is starting to look like a hassle that you and your bank account could be doing without. The above information is like the worst case scenario but you don’t know if that is the situation that you could be facing as it could very well be, do not say you have not been warned.

There is however another option that you can choose and that option is to have your old tub professionally refinished by a professional tub refinishing company. The great thing about having your old tub refinished is that it will cost you a fraction of the cost of installing a new one but you still get an efficient service with outstanding results. Old tubs no matter what their state or condition can be restored to their former state of beauty, all chips and cracks are filled in and smoothed of before a new coat is applied that will leave your tub looking in pristine condition.  It is also now possible to have a colour added to the coating of your bath tub in order for it to fit any new colour scheme that you may be planning for your new look bathroom.

More and more people are selecting professional tub refinishing services every single day and the services its self is growing in popularity among homeowners across the United States. It’s a service that brings excellent results and also reduces the amount of hassle that could be involved with replacing an old tub. Common sense will tell you that if you have the option to either replace or have your old tub refinished it’s time to give the green light to the refinishing process. Refinishing services done professionally only take around 4-6 hours and you bathroom has a down time of 24hours that is nothing in comparison to your bathroom being out of bounds for up to 4 week and sometimes longer when you opt to replace.

Why not choose professional refinishing company who can take care of your tub today and use that extra cash you will have left over from choosing refinishing services to go on a nice well-earned vacation?