Refinishing is a Sensible and Cost Effective Choice

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Do remember hearing the story of the mother telling their child to eat their food “because a child in another country is hungry” perhaps it was even a part of your own childhood. Part of that story is a lesson in guilt-induced eating, but the real lesson is not to waste.

In a world where “new” is always better, more people are becoming wasteful. Reusable items that can be saved are simply thrown out, despite its good condition. Before for the economic decline homeowners were taking out second mortgage loans to pay for renovating their homes.

At that time, following remodeling trends was the thing to do. Many financed thousands of dollars to buy outrageously expensive items to remodel their kitchens, all for the sake of being “stylish” but what it lacked was sensibility.

It’s quite possible to be both sensible and stylish when upgrading the kitchen. Less expensive alternatives are out there now, that can give kitchens a modernized, upgraded look. Homeowners are learning to be more resourceful than what they were during the housing market boom.

Several items in a home are reusable; they can still maintain their purpose in the space. For instance, kitchen cabinets do not need to be replaced during a remodel. Countertops do not need to be replaced during a remodel. Outdated backsplash ceramic tiles do not need to be replaced. In fact, each of these items can be changed and updated with refinishing at a lower cost.

In other words, do not be wasteful, simply update what is already in the kitchen over remodeling it.

When planning a kitchen redesign, take stock of all the items that are still in good condition. If the cabinets provide ample storage space, then update it with refinishing and buy new hardware to finish off the new look.

Homeowners do not need to spend a ton of money buying all new countertops. A refinishing technician is capable of repairing surface defects and then resurfacing the countertops to look brand new.

Tiles installed as a kitchen backsplash do not need to be ripped out and replaced. Refinishing also works on ceramic tiles.

Refinishing is a sensible and cost effective option for homeowners that do have a large budget to fix the kitchen. Other areas in the house that would benefit from refinishing are the bathtub and tile. Before throwing anything out in a remodel identify what can be saved and made to look new again for less.



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