Removing Mold from Grout with Natural Ingredients

Mold and mildew is a hazard that pops up in every bathroom, no matter how often a person scrubs. Since, we cannot all have magical scrubbing bubbles pop out of cleaner to wash down the bathroom, it is something that needs to be taken on ourselves. Cleaning the bathroom it quite a dirty task, and there are many ways to approach cleaning, nowadays, many are turning to natural, earth-friendly products, so we will start there.

Spray bottle
Soft-Bristle Cleaning Brush
Clean Rags
Tea-Tree Oil

Moisture is what causes the fungus to grow. Mold, especially black mold, is hazardous to a person’s health. So, it is imperative to clean the mold as soon as it is spotted. Tea Tree oil can be located at any local health food store, or pharmacy. This item has many uses and is not strictly for cleaning.


Make sure that the bathroom has proper ventilation, open a window, and turn on the fan.

Next, mix the cleaning elements. In the spray bottle, add 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil, and two cups of water. Shake up the bottle to ensure the solution blends well.

Now that the cleaning solution has been made, go ahead and spray it on the grout where the mold is showing.

Let solution sit for about a minute, then scrub the grout with the soft-bristle brush (make sure to wet brush first), then with a cup of water or the showerhead rinse the solution and mold away. Dry the area with a dry, clean rag. This will help in preventing new growth.

kill mold naturally

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Other natural cleaning solutions that can be used are grapefruit seed extract, only the solution mixture includes 20 drops of the extract mixed with two cups of water. Or, the use of distilled white vinegar, the cleaning solution would be 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. With a little bit of scrubbing, mold will disappear using these natural solutions. The most cost effective solution is the vinegar, but tea tree oil will definitely kill the mold family.

Mold has been known to affect a person’s health even if they do not have immediate allergic reaction. Because the bathtub/shower is often used multiple times a day, mold grows rapidly. Save time on preventing mold and mildew by ensuring that there is caulking around where the tub and tiles meet. In addition, clean the bathroom on a regular basis at least once a week is recommended.


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