Understanding the Principles of Design before your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

If you are in the process of planning a remodel in your home, then chances are you’ve already started researching for professional contractors. Did you know that before you start tearing down walls it’s a smart idea to understand interior design principles?

Here’s why, you need know how the changes to the room you are remodeling affects the balance and lines of the other rooms in the house.

One of the most important elements of design is creating a baseline or storyline that goes together and unifies a room with the adjoining rooms. When it comes to your home remodel, a consultation with an interior designer might prove to be extremely helpful. It could help you find the focus of the room you want to upgrade, once you know the focal point it makes the rest of the planning easier.

5 Components that make up a Great Design*

Focal Point—this is where you want people to focus their eyes once they enter the room. It could be a painting, a fireplace, or the television. The focal point draws the attention without overpowering the other elements in the room.

Proportions and Measurements—this makes sure that the furniture chosen to go into a room are proportionate to the size of the room. For instance, a smaller kitchen needs appropriate sized appliances that make the room functional and balanced.

Unity—all the elements in a room needs to seamlessly flow together, and that includes elements in the attached rooms. A winning design is one where each piece chosen for the room has a “sense of belonging together.”

Contrast—this means mixing mediums, such as light with dark, soft or hard textures, next to each other. Even though the two items are opposites of one another, they should complement the overall appearance and style of the room.  

Variety—adds zing and interest to the room. With this design component, make certain not to overwhelm the space with too much it needs to enhance and point back to the room’s focal point.

All of these different aspects of interior design can help tremendously in your kitchen or bathroom remodeling plans.

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