Ways to Update the Bathroom on a Tight Budget

The term, tight budget, is defined differently for every household. For some, re-doing and updating the bathroom must be done under $150.00 for other’s it must be done for under $600.00. So, let’s choose an average of the two and consider that amount as the overall expense any family has in order to take an ugly looking bathroom and update it to something they love.

What are ways a person can quickly update the bathroom for under $375.00?

A new coat of paint and newer accessories will go a long way, but you have to shop smart. For instance, a new shower liner, shower curtain, window treatment, bath linens, and toothbrush holder, etc. ends up costing much more than you might have bargained for. Plan ahead before going out to shop. When it comes to the paint don’t skimp on the quality for the bathroom. It needs to be moisture resistant due to the high humidity in the bath area.

What about that dirty tired looking bathtub. A budget of $375.00 is definitely not going to get you a luxurious spa. However, it can be re-glazed taking it back to like new condition in a couple of hours for under $300.00, leaving enough within the tight budget to buy other items towards the bathroom makeover.

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DIY Projects to Enhance the Bathroom Décor

Plenty of DIY projects exist that where materials costs much less than buying new, saving on your tight budget. Take a look at this DIY video guide that would enhance any bathroom in any theme, by upcycling old glass candle holders.


Video Source
Other low budget ideas include…

Focusing on one wall and changing it up drastically like they did here, and don’t forget to add a new coat of paint to freshen up the other walls as well:

budget bathroom makeovers


Another creative décor idea for the bathroom, or for any room in the house actually, that would cost very little money is to hang up an old ladder onto the walls for shelving. For small bathroom spaces cut down the legs to fit the space.

re-purposed old ladder for shelf

Image Source

Really, the first step to a better bathroom is ridding it of its clutter and giving it a scrub down. Clear out anything that is under the vanity that no longer belongs there and throw it out. Move any cleaners to the utility room. Anyone feels better going into a room when they know it is clean.

The budget set up for the bathroom makeover might be limited, but there are many options and ways to give it a simple update that won’t drain the bank account. With a little bit of planning, a lot of hard work, it could be made over in a weekend.


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