What Are the 10 Best Ways to Make a Bathroom Look New Again?

The idea of a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be stressful. There are some great ways to take an older bathroom and make it look new again, all while changing it to fit your style and keeping it on budget. Depending on what kinds of changes you make, you might not even have to worry about much construction or down time. While a total remodel can definitely make your bathroom look new, here are 10 other ways you can make big changes in a small space.

1. Choose a new, fresher paint color.

Paint may not seem like much, but it’s a very important part of how a room looks and feels. The wrong color on the walls can make the entire space feel drab, tired, old, and just not a place you want to spend any time in. If you choose a good paint color, though, your bathroom can go from boring to dazzling in no time. Consider a neutral color for most of the space, with an accent color on one wall or a pop of color behind the tub.

2. Get rid of that wallpaper.

Most people think “old” when they see wallpaper. It can be used to make spaces look fresh and new, but if your bathroom has had the same wallpaper in it for a long time you’re probably ready to make a change. Taking down wallpaper can be a challenge, but it’s worth it in the end. You’ll have a nice blank canvas to work with, so you can choose something that’s fresh and fun, or soothing and relaxing, depending on your style.

3. Select new accessories.

The accessories you have in your bathroom, from the towels bars to the toothbrush holder, are all important to the way the space looks and feels. If you want your bathroom to look new again, try choosing some modern accessories that are unique and fit your style. It can really make a difference, and can be a good step toward seeing what other changes you might like to make.

4. Freshen up your towels.

Old towels equals old bathroom, in most cases. How long has it been since you bought new towels for the space? It may be time to choose something different, and find a color you really like. You can also use towels as an accent piece, to bring more color into the bathroom. Your bathroom can go from looking old to having a luxurious feel, and good quality towels in the right color can help.

5. Have your bathtub refinished.

Bathtub refinishing is a popular way to make an older bathroom look new. People like it because it’s easy and convenient, and can be done quickly without a large cost. It’s not something you’ll want to try to do it yourself, but hiring the right company means a great looking tub without all the mess of removing and replacing it. It’s less expensive, too, so you’ll be able to do some of the other things you’re planning to help your bathroom look newer. Then you can stay on budget and make big changes to your bathroom.

bathtub refinishing

Bathroom Refinishing will make your bathroom look brand new

6. Put in a window.

If you don’t have much light in your bathroom and it’s on an outside wall, you could consider having a window installed. If you don’t have the space or the budget for that, or if your bathroom is on an interior wall, there are still some great options for extra light. Consider a skylight or change out the light fixtures you have to give your space a boost. Good lighting, whether from outdoors or not, goes a long way.

7. Replace the flooring.

If your flooring is old and worn, it’s going to bring down the look of your bathroom. Fortunately, you can get a great looking flooring that doesn’t cost a lot. You could also go with something more high end if your budget allows for that. No matter what you choose, make sure you get something that’s durable and that’s designed for damp environments.

8. Change the cabinets and vanity.

The vanity you have, along with any other cabinets, can really make your bathroom look dated. If you want a newer, more modern looking bathroom, it’s time to change those things out for colors, designs, and styles that are popular today. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it can make a big difference in what your bathroom looks like and whether it feels like a good space to spend time in.

9. Select new fixtures.

The fixtures you have in your bathroom really matter. If you have faucets from the ’80s, it’s going to make your bathroom look old and dated no matter what else you do. Even good quality faucets and shower heads don’t have to cost a lot, so take a look at what’s available today and select the look you like. Then you can have a more modern space just by changing out a few fixtures.

10. Get a more modern toilet.

While it might not change the entire look of your bathroom, a modern toilet can help give a newer feeling to the space. More modern toilets also use a lot less water than the older models, and they don’t have to be expensive in order to work well. With that in mind, choose one that has the features you want and that fits your space and your style. You can choose different colors, a lid that opens and closes automatically, and other options, all while conserving water and making your bathroom look newer.

Ready to make your bathroom look like new? Bath Pro can help you get started on changing your old bathroom into a space you really love. Whether you’re looking for a spa-like feel, have a minimalist style, or want something in between, you really can get the bathroom of your dreams. Call today for a free quote.