What to do about your Blah Bathroom

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Photo Credit: www.12oaksblog.com


Do you have a blah bathroom?

Does walking into that blah bathroom set your mind to imagining all the things you wish you could do to it?

What are you waiting on?

Why are you only imagining and not actually doing something about it?

In a short time, you can have a new and modern bathroom. Here’s the catch, you have to plan it out; it cannot be done based on a quick whim.

Each of these ideas and upgrades are under a few hundred dollars if done one at a time, not all at once. Start changing your bathroom a little at a time and even on a tight budget you can transform it from blah and bland to fabulous.

Organizers for under the vanity—organization is a key piece to loving your bathroom. First rid it of unnecessary items, de-clutter, reorganize it, and then it keep it hidden away yet easily accessible.

Design your own Fabric Shower Curtain—Latest trend is designing your own print fabric. Sites like spoonflower.com let you upload a unique design and then print it onto fabric.

Collect and hang artwork—the bathroom should contain something worth staring at, so get rid of the misconception that great art is not for the bathroom. One way to keep it under budget is to frame calendar photos, postcards, or magazine ads.

Paint the walls—Easiest and quickest way to update the bathroom. Play around with color choices, blues, lavender, sage green, are all soothing colors for the bathroom. Or, you can have fun with it and paint funky colors like fuchsia and lime green.

Refinish the bathtub—you can upgrade and repaint, but if the tub isn’t shiny and clean, it detracts from the new improvements. At Bath Pro of Central Florida, this month’s special is bathtub refinishing for $195.00. You can find more specials here.

Flooring—if you have older linoleum bathroom floors, update them with vinyl tiles, cork flooring, reclaimed wood, or with patterned tiles.

Showerhead—updating this item is not too expensive and makes a big impact on the entire showering experience.

Bathtub Faucets—changing out old fixtures for new fixtures is inexpensive and can instantly change the vibe of the bathroom. The last few years the trends were chrome finishes, but now copper and brass finish fixtures are more popular.

Light Fixtures—this can get costly, which is why it’s important to plan. If you have an idea of the type of light fixtures, you want, scour architectural salvage shops or keep an eye on advertised sales from local hardware stores. Other local shops with discounted lighting are Habitat for Humanity Resale and Restoration Hardware.

Read more on our blog for bathroom and kitchen ideas, and any questions you might have regarding our bathtub refinishing special please call us at 407-869-8696.