Why Bathtub Resurfacing is not a DIY Job

When times are tough, we look to find ways to cut corners, especially when it comes to home improvements. “Let’s see if we can’t make it work for at least another year” becomes the homeowner’s mantra. Investing in new items around the house gets costly and because hiring a professional means paying the cost of labor, we often decide to just DIY the project.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

No matter the amount of funds you have set aside for home improvements, certain jobs are not DIY jobs they require the expertise of a professional. Bathtub resurfacing is one of those jobs that need the help of a professional.

Yes, it would be cheaper to buy a kit and spend the weekend refinishing the bathroom; however, even if you are a skilled DIY-er, it’s difficult to replicate the quality a refinishing pro can accomplish.

To obtain a superior finished surface the preparation work of the tub and tile is critical. The biggest mistake homeowners make when they want to refinish the tub on their own is that they do not take extra measures to prepare the surface to bond to the new applied surface. Many will just paint over everything and not take the time to fix cracks and spot repair. The other mistake is they forget that adding on the paint without proper sanding or etching can lead to peeling and future mildew problems.

A problem area on the tub is where it meets the drain. If a homeowner decides to DIY, understand that this area is extremely difficult. If not dealt with correctly, it could start peeling within weeks of application.

“It is like any of the other trades, the job will only be as good as the person doing the job as preparation is the key to making the coating bond to the tub.” Quote Source

Hiring a reputable refinishing company can save you money in the long run. This corner is not worth cutting; take advantage of the monthly special we offer at Bath Pro and pay less than $400.00 for tub and tile resurfacing or resurface the tub only at $195.00 and a 5-year warranty comes with the services.

There a many components that need to happen when refinishing a bathtub, for a superior finish at an affordable price, hire Bath Pro of Central Florida.

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