Choosing A Refinisher

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 Choosing a Tub & Tile Refinisher?

Choosing any home remodeling related company/contractor is difficult unless you do your research. With today’s technology allowing you instant access to information it can be easy to ensure you choose a quality professional. Without proper research you could encounter problems like improper surface preparation and poor quality materials. Here are some things to look for in a refinisher to ensure you cover some important points.

We're Experienced

How long has the company been in existence? Check with your local Better Business Bureau (, Google the company name, read the reviews you find when researching and even call the prospective company and ask a few questions while letting them know you are considering them along with a few other companies for the project. Ask if they have a list of References they can fax or email you and then you will know if they have been in the industry for a while and also be able to tell the level of experience through the reviews and questions you ask on the phone.

Quality Materials

The quality of the materials makes all the difference. Using inferior products increases the chances the finished product will peel or chip. Customers who have had their tubs refinished with inferior materials, causing peeling or cracking, will often have to REPEAT the service if the previous company does not cover their materials or refuses to repair it due to claims it is under the product warranty and not theirs. That means you might have the product manufacturer cover the product costs, but you would have to pay for the actual service again. A tub that has been refinished with quality materials will last for 10 years or more if well maintained.

Workspace Preparation

Make sure your bathroom is protected from overspray. A little bit of topcoat material can get on your walls. It may not be apparent when both are white but even a little topcoat on a colored wall will stick out like a sore thumb. Also, make sure the bathroom is thoroughly ventilated. Some companies use a simple box fan stuck in a window. That just won’t do. Make sure the area is ventilated with a powerful exhaust system.

Our Warranty

Bath Pro Refinishing warranties all our work for both commercial and residential work giving our customers peace of mind.

We are the only local company with a full 5 Year Warranty against defects in workmanship and product failure.


If a company is not listed under the local BBB, has more than 10-15% of bad reviews (people complain differently and some bad reviews can be frivolous, but quite a few bad reviews should tell you something), will not provide concrete answers to your questions and/or does not get you a list of references within 24 hours then you should exclude that company from consideration.

Price should not the sole consideration or you could end up with poor product quality, poor job quality and a fight to resolve the issues to repair the work and that will cost even more than initially choosing an affordable company that provides a written warranty, has a good record and uses premium products.

Should you have any questions we would be more than happy to answer them on the phone.

Just call: (407) 869-8696

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