Why Refinish Your Bathtub

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The Expense of Replacing a Bathtub

To go ahead with replacing a bathtub, you will need to have a budget of up to $3-4,000 to cover the special parts and labor. Since bathtubs typically fit into a custom alcove built into the bathroom layout, you will likely need to find and purchase the exact same tub size and shape during the replacement process. Adhering to the existing bathtub specs, however, can take away your ability to find great deals and work cheaper tub designs into your budget. Furthermore, if your bathtub size or shape has been completely discontinued, you would need to add custom renovation work into your tub replacement budget.

Experience Top Class

The tub refinishing process takes a lot less time than a full bathtub replacement. To refinish a bathtub, you must clean the surface, fill the imperfections, sand the surface, and apply several coats of epoxy paint. Most of the time, you are simply waiting for body filler and paint to dry between coats. You can usually complete this project, from start to finish, in three hours.

Less Time Required To Refinish

Thats right, it's less time to refinish a bathtub than fully replace.  The complete replacement of a bathtub, however, can feel like quite the undertaking, especially if you run into problems along the way. You must disconnect the drain, valves, and pipes, and then cut the drywall away from the bathtub to free its structure from the alcove. Using a utility knife, you cut away the caulk around all edges of the tub before determining the best way to hoist it out of your bathroom.

Cleaning After Refinishing

Cleaning after refinish bathtub project does not differ in approach. The refinished bathtub surface cleans up just as easily as the new one using the exact same products and techniques. With either the refinish bathtub project or full tub replacement, you simply need to wipe down the tub after every use to keep stains from forming. Make sure to store your shampoo bottles, soap, and other bath products on dedicated shelves rather than the sides of the tub to facilitate even wear.


If a company is not listed under the local BBB, has more than 10-15% of bad reviews, will not provide clear answers to your questions and/or able to provide past work references, then you should exclude that company from consideration.

Just remember that Price is not the sole consideration or you could end up with poor product quality, poor job quality and a fight to resolve the issues to repair the work and that will cost even more than initially choosing an affordable company that provides a written warranty, has a good record and uses premium products.

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