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Small Budget Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

By Your BathPro Team

May 6, 2022

Bathroom Tips

Tax season is upon us and that means you have probably spent that refund a hundred different ways in your mind already, well before it’s hit the bank account. Until that money hits the bank for spending it might be smart to use it in a way that will make you feel happy and bring a return on investment. In short, anytime that you invest in making your home better it increases its value and can give a hefty return should you ever decide to sell.

In every home, there are a couple of rooms worth upgrading, if and when you have the budget to upgrade and those are the kitchen and bathrooms. People want beautiful kitchens and luxurious bathrooms, and you are probably some of those “people.” Did you know that you do not have to spend your entire budget to give the bathroom and kitchen an upgraded look? Here are a few ideas to help you spend that refund in a productive way.

Kitchen Upgrade Ideas:

Appliance spray paint – maybe you’ve had enough money to upgrade the stove and dishwasher, but the refrigerator still doesn’t match the rest of the appliances. Quickly change the look of the refrigerator using appliance spray paints.

Update the cabinets – you don’t have to buy all new cabinets. The majority of the time cabinet refinishing is a budget-friendly alternative to removing old cabinets and buying new cabinets.

Add a backsplash – there are so many different products out there now that make creating a backsplash a simple weekend project.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas:

Change the flooring – bathrooms are generally small areas and replacing the floor is easier than ever with peel and stick tiles.

Refinish the bathtub & tiles – give the bathroom a whole new look and refinish the tiles and tub. You can change the colors, or use white to make the bath look brilliantly clean again.

Paint the walls – a fresh coat of paint is always a quick and cheap way to update a room

Switch out the vanity – if you have the room, switch the vanity from one sink to a two-sink vanity. Or, if you are a handy person think about customizing a vanity out of an old dresser.

The most important part of upgrading the kitchen and/or bathroom is to plan it out in detail and create a budget that goes with those plans. The last thing anyone wants is to start a renovation project and still be staring at that unfinished renovation project a year later. Start with small upgrades and then work your way up to larger projects.

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