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Moroccan Styled Bathrooms You would Never want to Leave

By Your BathPro Team

May 6, 2022

Bathroom Tips

There are bathrooms, and then there are BATHROOM’s. You know what we mean by the latter BATHROOM’s, the kind that makes you wish you never had to leave it. This bathroom usually includes a freestanding tub, candles, or a window overlooking the beach.

Bathrooms have evolved into wondrous, luxury retreats. Perhaps you might not ever get the chance to visit a spa retreat in the Mediterranean or a country like Morocco. Do not despair because you can at least incorporate the country’s fondness of rich colors, and strong patterns into your own bathroom designs

What is more prominent and rich then using gold accents and accessories? The bold patterned wall is toned down by the neutral color on the top half of the wall and the outside of the tub. It’s the gold in the picture frame, mirror/stand, and shower-head that enriches the décor.


The key to Moroccan style in the bathroom is learning how to balance natural elements with refinery like this chandelier. Usually chandeliers are for the dining room, but if your bathroom has the space, why not?

img-_0000_Layer 8

Patterns, patterns, patterns, and we’ll say it again—patterns. In order to achieve this type of theme in your home décor, you can’t be afraid of bold design, bold colors, and mix-matched patterns. Notice the shower/vanity tiles do not match with the floor tiles, but the bright blue hue and copper sink draw your eyes away from the mishmash of tile arrangement to pull it altogether.

img-_0001_Layer 7

Understated luxury, simple, elegant, and undeniably appealing, and to re-create this in your own bathroom is not as difficult as you might think. It’s called textured wallpaper, or if you are the handy sort you could try to DIY stencil on the walls.

img-_0002_Layer 6

Stunning bathroom, again it’s about finding a color scheme you can be comfortable with, so that you are happy every time you enter the bathroom. If you come across a unique item, like the peacock lamp, you can use it as the design inspiration and base the bathroom color scheme around it.

img-_0003_Layer 5

Let’s go find this place, move in, and refuse to leave!

Word of caution before jumping into a complete bathroom redo, don’t style in a Moroccan theme if the rest of your home décor is country. The themes of every room should work and tie in together, so if you have a country kitchen, you might want to rethink a Moroccan bathroom.

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