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How to know you are Hiring a Reputable Refinishing Company

By Your BathPro Team

May 6, 2022

BathPro News

Start researching bathtub refinishing online, and you’re likely to come upon some serious complaints. Understandable, every industry has a few worms that can ruin a perfectly good apple. So really, it’s up to you to find the “good apple” and not “the worm”.

How do you know if you are deciding on the the right contractor to refinish your bathtub? You can go about weeding out the good from the bad companies several ways. (When we say bad, we mean those that leave you with a poor quality finish, no way to get a hold of them, and no warranty).


The thing about experience is it always comes in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. For a job like bathtub refinishing, you don’t want to hire a technician at the beginner level. You need a technician that is in the advanced level category and can provide proof of experience.

Bathtub Preparation

While researching the internet about bathtub reglazing or refinishing, you’ll come across complaints of homeowners saying, “Poor quality, peeling after only a few weeks,”* which is unfortunate for them. The reason why the new surface or refinished surface is peeling is that the hired technician failed to properly prepare the surface.

Preparation is the key factor to high quality results that is durable and extends the lifetime value of the tub by another decade.


Jobs can’t be completed if you can never get a hold of your technician or they never return your calls. If you call for a bathtub resurfacing quote and it takes days to a week for a return phone call, move on, and search for a professional company that calls their customers back.

Client References

Before hiring a contractor for a home improvement job, even one like tub resurfacing, it’s important to check the client portfolio. Ask which clients you may call directly in order to verify their experience with the company you plan to hire.

Verify Documentation

Whenever you plan to hire a contractor or any company to provide a service on your home, it is up to you to check their credentials. Nowadays, it’s too easy to fake documentation. Make certain they are licensed, insured, and/or bonded call the professional organizations they belong and verify the license number. Be diligent, you want to hire a legitimate company.

Bathtub refinishing is a convenient and inexpensive way to change and update the look of your tub and tiles. Take the extra steps, protect yourself, and hire a reputable, experienced refinishing company to guarantee a high quality result.

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