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5 Incredibly Cool Outdoor Dream Kitchens

By Your BathPro Team

March 22, 2022


It’s great to dream. Dreaming allows for inspiration and plants the seeds of motivation. To dream means you are reaching for something just beyond your grasp, but that’s okay. It’s why you love looking through the many beautiful home designs on Pinterest. It’s why you enter different contests to win a dream home, you want something more.

It’s not wrong to dream and search for inspiration through design visuals, which is why today’s post features incredibly cool outdoor kitchens. It’s an opportunity to dream…

Outdoor Luxury

img-_0004_Layer 1

You hardly need an accompanied description to know that this outdoor kitchen rocks. Here’s what you can learn from the designers of this kitchen, outdoor kitchens need a covering. Since this kitchen is exposed to the elements, all the materials need to be durable and weather proof. It helps that they included a roof over the most important features, rain or shine; this kitchen is open for business.

Outdoor Elegance

img-_0003_Layer 2

This gorgeous outdoor kitchen is both practical and elegant. Once again, remember if you want to add a kitchen to the back of your home, a covering should be part of that plan. Pulling from the inspiration of its natural surroundings, this design’s neutral tones, wicker additions, exposed wood, and slate floors seamlessly flow together.

Outdoor Cozy

img-_0002_Layer 3

An enchanting open-air cottage kitchen and it’s not too difficult to dream of long, lazy Sunday mornings looking at this visual. The breakfast nook is inviting, and the intermingling of pots and plants on the ceiling adds a fairytale-like charm. The design is simple, and organic, but the crisp white keeps it from feeling dirty or dingy.

Outdoor Rustic

img-_0001_Layer 4

The fastest way to keep away the wear and tear from natural weather elements is to use natural materials as they did here. Stone or pavers are beautiful, yet practical. Its properties hold up against the harshest of weather. However, the little weathering over the years makes it that more appealing.

Outdoor Minimalist

img-_0000_Layer 5

Now, here’s an outdoor idea that looks like something more affordable and practical. If you love cooking out-of-doors during the summertime, a small concrete countertop that includes a sink and grill is ideal. It looks to offer plenty of room for food prep, grilling, and clean-up.

The home is where many precious memories are made; so go ahead, dream a little, feel inspired, and make the most of your space.

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