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An Infographic on How the Bathroom Evolved

By Your BathPro Team

May 5, 2022

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Do you ever take for granted the fact that there is a bathroom in the house. This little separate room is still an extra luxury for some living in other countries. In fact, many are still using a hole in the ground. So, let’s stop for a moment and feel appreciation for our modern society that includes a private bathroom in the home.

The very first record in history that mentions someone taking a bath was recorded in 3000 B.C. and the first time someone had a flushing toilet was in 800 B.C. belonging to King Menos of Crete. The Romans made the baths a place of necessity. The public bath was built around a spring, as time went on they constructed a building around the spring, lined it with stone. The Romans created a chamber that included three different baths: caldarium (hot) tepidarium (warm) and the frigidarium (cold).

The fall of the Roman empire, also meant that focus on sanitary cleanliness also dropped off the map. It wasn’t until the 17th century that buildings of that era started to include a facility that housed toilets and basins for washing. It would take another two centuries before the bathroom starts to reflect more of what is seen today.

It was in the 1940’s that showers were installed for quicker bathing time and the use of less water to clean. This was particularly important during wartime as rationing food, clothes, gas, etc. became important to every family. After the 1940’s was when homes were built with the bathroom a part of the blueprint. All now included running water, toilets, and shower/bathtubs.

As time as gone on, the bathroom has evolved into what it is today. It used to be that the only people allowed to have a place for washing and dealing with “natural functions” inside their home were the wealthy. Now that is no longer the case. Some houses include up to six bathrooms, whereas the average home has at least a one and half baths. That means the home has one full bathroom that includes the bathtub/shower, toilet, sink, and another room that only includes a toilet and sink.

The bathroom has come a long way from its origins. Few people can live without the use of a nice bathroom facility for more than a day. The bathroom space is still a luxury, and should be one that is appreciated every time it is used.

An Infographic on How the Bathroom Evolved

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