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How to Achieve Boho Chic Perfection in your Bathroom

By Your BathPro Team

May 6, 2022

Bathroom Tips, Bathrooms

Mystique and romanticism surround the idea of a nomadic lifestyle. The gypsy life of traveling abroad, and collecting treasures from all over the globe, sounds enchanting.

Are you the kind of person that longingly peruses photography steeped in culture?

Do you appreciate the architectural lines of a foreign city?

Or, feel happy viewing bright-colored fabrics seen in the marketplaces?

If so, then chances are you are also the kind of person who would appreciate a bohemian (boho) chic theme in your home.

Bohemian style is not for everyone. If you are the sort of person that cannot stand it with someone who pairs navy blue with black, or floral print with stripes, then bohemian is not for you. Why, because to decorate in the theme of  ”boho chic” means you embrace eclectic chaos. It means rooms filled with many different colors, many different prints, and a mishmash of unique finds.

Today, we’ll cover how to achieve boho-chic perfection in your bathroom.

One of the key factors to creating a bohemian vibe inside your home is to find versatile pieces that are workable in any type of room. This bohemian bathroom is a prime example of how to select versatile key pieces that look effortless whichever room they are in.

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Eclectic Other

The red cabinet under the vanity would look just as good in the front entryway, next to the living room couch, or as the bedroom side table. The mirror and chandelier could also be placed in any of the other rooms in the home effortlessly; versatile furniture, bright colors, and natural textures (bamboo rug and wood beam) mixed together to create a strong boho-chic design, with a twist of sophistication.

What makes the bohemian style so intriguing is it encompasses the many varieties of beauty based strictly on the eye of the beholder. To decorate the bathroom in this theme you’ll need to pull many color accents together to create symmetry (balance). That is why is important to start your base in neutral tones like grays, creams, whites, or tan before bringing in too many colors.

So, let’s talk about color, if you own a home that had previous owners, it’s possible the color of your bathtub and tile won’t work with your idea of a boho vibe in your bathroom. Before starting your redesign of the bathroom, assess the current colors and condition of the tub and tile. If they do not work for your boho-chic bathroom redo, consider resurfacing the tub and tile to a more appropriate shade so that you can achieve the look you want in your bathroom without paying the full cost to remodel it.

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